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  • High-precision ratchet mechanism for complete crimps
  • Parallel crimping performance for even crimps
  • 1.2 metric tons pressure at crimping face, with minimal hand effort
  • Interchangeable high-precision crimping die set
  • Interchangeable locator for precision positioning of terminals
  • Ensures accurate, solderless, electrical connections
  • More than 400 die sets (Special locators for other contacts are available)
  • Customized die sets on request
  • Field Re-calibration: Calibration adjustment of ratchet can be accomplished in the field. See calibration and maintenance instructions packaged with the tool
  • Positive Closure: Ratchet requires a full closure of handles to ensure proper crimp. The ratchet release lever allows the removal of misplaced terminals
  • Compatible Crimp Die Set for PIDG/Plasti-Grip (624 691 3 0 RT) available
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  • Counter
  • Stroke from 6 to 14 mm (similar to 0.24 - 0.55 inch)
  • Hand or footswitch
  • Automatic safety closure - needed only for 14 mm stroke (similar to 0.55 inch)
  • Adjustable leg height
  • User friendly rotatability of 360°
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  • World‘s first electromechanical-driven tool
  • Speeds up the crimping process
  • More than 1000 different interchangeable die sets are available
  • Intelligent crimping, process monitoring through LED-Display
  • Low maintenance, due to the electromechanical drive mechanism
  • LED illuminated work area
  • Low noise, compared to hydraulic-driven tools
  • Quick-stop function, increase safety and prevents over-crimping
  • Eliminates hand fatigue due to less hand force
  • Energy-saving function
  • Combines fast and ergonomic crimping in one tool
  • Compatible Bench Mount Support (6370 0057 0) available
  • Compatible Crimp Die Set for PIDG/Plasti-Grip (624 691 3 0 RT) available
  • Integrated pressure relief valve, false pressings cause no damage at tool nor dies
  • Lithium-ion-battery without memory effect, self-discharges very low
  • High capacity due to 3.0 Ah-battery/18V
  • Ergonomic handle with balanced weight distribution for sure work free of tiredness
  • Case, handle shell, and pressure discharge key completely from isolated and push-firm plastic material
  • Integrated electronic module for: Permanent accumulator-loading state control, Supervision of the working process and state announcement, Announcement of the next service interval, Mistake announcement at possible disturbances
  • Delivery completely with battery, battery charger, supporting
  • Loop for transport and safety, transport plastic case
  • Suitable for crimping turned pin and socket contacts
  • Crimp dimensions adjustable in 0.01 mm increments
  • Checking of default setting with enclosed test gauge
  • Reliable crimping with forced-lock completion of crimping operation and synchronous closing of crimp indenters